Methods For Hacking Gmail Passwords

Due to the rising demand from people interested in hacking Gmail passwords a number of methods for hacking Gmail passwords have been developed and offered to the public, some actually work while others fail miserably. The purpose of this Gmail hacking tutorial is to guide you through all this maze and to help you hack Gmail passwords from the comfort of your home by using our easy to use Gmail hacking software, Email Password Hacker v3.4.6!

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Evolution of Gmail Hacking Methods

Prior to the release of Email Password Hacker to the general public some of the most popular methods for hacking Gmail passwords included keyloggers, phishing pages and Gmail exploits.  Let’s take a closer look at each of those ways to hack Gmail passwords and their drawbacks.

We will start with keyloggers; keyloggers are programs designed to be installed on a computer in order to secretly capture and store everything typed on that computer’s keyboard, including in many cases the computer’s owner Gmail password. The main problems with keyloggers are a) finding one that is functional and not full of bugs – which means youll have to pay a hefty fee for a professional keylogger and b) finding a way to get it on your target’s computer, especially if you don’t physical access to his or her computer. As you can see, keyloggers are less than an ideal way to find Gmail passwords.

Phishing pages; you may have heard of them before, especially from announcements by antivirus companies or spam message filters. Phishing pages in essence are perfect clones of various websites, i.e a clone of Gmail’s login page, that are designed to look convincing enough for you to try and login to online services through them, as a result capturing your login information and then forwarding it to the creator of the page. The two main problems you will face when trying to hack someone’s Gmail password through a Gmail phishing page are a) you must have a certain amount of computer skills to create such a page and b) you must somehow convince your target to login to his or her Gmail account through your phishing page. Once more, a less than ideal method for hacking Gmail passwords.

Finally, let’s take a look at so called “Gmail exploits”. An exploit, according to Wikipedia, “is a piece of software, a chunk of data, or a sequence of commands that takes advantage of a bug or vulnerability in order to cause unintended or unanticipated behavior to occur on computer software” which is simple words means it can be used to find Gmail passwords. The main problems with publicly available exploits is that a) they are very hard to come by b) they are often patched by the time they are released and c) they require advanced computer and coding skills to use.

What is The Best Method For Hacking Gmail Passwords?

As we alluded to at the beginning of this article, we suggest Email Password Hacker v3.4.6 is the tool of choice for all your email hacking needs. We could have written a long promotional article for our software but we chose instead to first offer you a birds eye view of the methods for hacking Gmail passwords currently competing with our software. Now that you know the drawbacks of keyloggers, phishing pages and exploits, let’s take a look at how these problems are addressed by Email Password Hacker v3.4.6.

First and foremost, comes the issue of usability, we created EPH from the outset with usability in mind; we wanted to create an email hacking tool that could be used by anyone, regardless of his or her level of computer skills to successfully hack email passwords. We achieved this by combining advanced technology with a straightforward, easy to use interface that guides the aspiring email hacker through each step of the process until the desired password is hacked.

Secondly, we addressed the issue of speed; we believe waiting days or in some cases even weeks to hack someone’s email password is akin to torture especially in cases where email hacking is required for life changing matters like uncovering spousal infidelity. We therefore worked hard and succeeded in making it possible for our software to find an email password in under 2 minutes, making it the fastest way to hack email passwords available to the public.

Last but not least is the issue of affordability, knowing that a large percentage of our users is unable to pay the hefty fees asked for by various peddlers of Gmail hacking tools we decided to initially offer our software for free as to way to get the public acquainted with EPH and afterwards to charge a small nominal fee or if possible support this project through sponsorships, ensuring that no one in need of a functional Gmail hacking tool is left without for financial reasons.

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